Montessori Language Program

English & Tamil 

Language is a means of communication of ideas or feelings by the use of conventionalised sounds and signs, thus being the spoken and written language. When the child arrives in the Montessori classroom, he has fully absorbed his culture’s language . He has already constructed the spoken language and with his entry into the environment, he will begin to consolidate and explore the written forms of language. The child will need a broad exposure to language, with correct articulation, enunciation and pronunciation. He has to experience different modes of language and to hear and tell stories. Most importantly, the child needs to feel free and be encouraged to communicate with others.

The prepared environment helps the child in his development of language. The learning of language is not done through subjects as in a normal class room, the child is learning at his own rhythm. This allows the child to concentrate on the learning of each important step in the language. The special material also plays an important role in aiding the child to develop the powers of communication and expression of organization, classification and the development of the taught.

The child should gain consciousness in language in the following three levels.

Levels of sounds: Phonetic Analysis             Logical Analysis               Grammatical Analysis

At the age of six the child in the Montessori environment become an articulate person, being able to communication his feelings in well- formed sentences and in writing. He will be able to write these thoughts and feelings in a skilful handwriting.  The child will have total reading and sense of the home language at a level where he will be the master of his words.

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