Frequently asked questions

What is the right age to start a Beyond program?

We are an afterschool activity center for children in the age group of 3 to 10. Whereas there is no right age to start!

How do you know what topics to cover for my child?

Upon admission to Beyond, the child is assessed by our trained montessori teachers and an individualised educational plan is prepared for the child in the requested subject area based on the needs, strengths and gaps. The activities are structured in such a manner that the child masters topics based on the individual pace and not by chronological age. By this method we allow the child to build a strong foundation and understanding of the basic concepts of maths, Language and cultural studies.

How does your program help me as a parent?

At Beyond, we hold regular parent teacher meetings to provide insights and discuss progress of your child. We will update you with the topics covered and provide you the tools to monitor your child's progress. The worksheets will facilitate you to know instantly if your child is struggling with lessons – or advancing ahead of grade level.

How is Beyond different from a tutor?

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