"Education is a natural process carried out spontaneously by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment." - Dr. Maria Montessori 


At Beyond, we strive to provide our children with these enriching experiences which will help them strongly build their foundations for life. Our dedicated and hard-working Montessori trained teachers would guide the child without letting them feel their presence too much, but will always be ready to provide the desired help as and when required by the child. Our director and head is a Montessorian with more than 22 years of experience in nurturing children and training Montessori teachers.


Through scientifically based didactic materials and a positive self-directed environment, our teachers help the child to achieve both academic excellence, social and personal growth. In the midst of this competitive world, we at beyond offer your child the academic advantage not just to stay ahead of their peers but to have a deeper understanding and real learning of concepts which will enrich them for life. we are a unique after-school center for children where children learn for the joy of learning and not by rote. There will be plenty of enriching maths, language and sensorial material in a welcoming and pleasant environment. 

The Environment 

Our environment in which the child works is very child-friendly and inviting. It will be spacious, aesthetically pleasing and attractive for the child to intrigue him to take the material on self-motivation and work on it with concentration uninterrupted for a long period of time.  


The environment stimulates the child to work towards their development. Seeing other children at work encourages the child to want to do the same. When you visit Beyond you will be able to witness this magic where children are working independently or in small groups with utmost concentration while the teacher is presenting a new concept to another group of children.

For Virtual Sessions

Our virtual sessions will be conducted through the Zoom App and parents are requested to create an account with their child’s name. Every session will be very engaging and comprises of different blocks with in the hour. Classes are handled by our expert teachers trained in Montessori. On admission we conduct an initial assessment to understand the child's current learning level. A plan of action is prepared for every child and the classes are planned accordingly. 


After being in the Montessori environment for 2 years now, the way my daughter thinks and questions puts us in awe all the time. she relates, thinks critically and appreciates the world around her. Learning has not only been a joyful experience but she has always been ahead of the group. We have no pressure to compete because that happens even otherwise without putting pressure on the child.  

1.Contact us and schedule an appointment to visit us for a demo and tour of our Montessori environment. We will give you an insight on what your child is about to experience and what sets us apart to give your child the competitive edge. 
2. Upon admission, we will devise an IEP for your child and discuss with you regularly about your child's progress. 
3. At beyond we work in a mixed-age environment from Monday to Friday - 3pm to 7pm in 5 batches. Our batch size is restricted to 10 - 12 children.
4. Our Energize - Yoga Program is provided on Saturday and Sunday. 

Adithya Sridhar


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