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                                               "Education begins with the child - not the teacher" - Dr. Maria Montessori

Education is development. The foundation of stable and prosperous society is well educated and productive population in which each individual function to his optimum level from conception to maturity both at home and society. 

At Beyond, we always work to foster the Joy of Learning through enriched environment, well trained teachers and holistic development so that each child has the opportunity to discover and explore a passion that drives them to excel not only in academics but in life too. We strive to build a strong foundation of your child's Mathematics, Language and Science skills for a lifelong advantage in school and beyond. 

The Montessori Advantage! 
For the Joy of Learning & Lifelong advantage in School and Beyond

Our Programs are designed to advance your child’s comprehension and appreciation for learning – providing an edge throughout school. But the lifelong benefits often go far deeper.






We are conducting classes ONLINE! Talk to us to find out how we engage your child with minimal screen time. 


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